CloudBerry Explorer PRO for Google CloudBerry Explorer PRO is an advanced Windows Client for Google Storage

CloudBerry Explorer PRO for Google

Storage becomes an extension to your local storage. You are no longer limited to the classic data storage on your local drive(s). With CloudBerry Explorer, you can move files to Google Storage just as easily as managing them on your local drive(s).  CloudBerry Explorer allows you to move large files such as photos, videos, and music to Google Storage and free up your local storage.  The files on your Google Storage can be shared with anyone

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CloudBerry Explorer for Google Storage CloudBerry Explorer Freeware is a Windows Client for Google Storage

CloudBerry Explorer for Google Storage

Storage. By providing a user interface to Google Storage accounts, files, and buckets, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer. Main features: Register and connect to any number of Google Storage accounts Copy files between your Google Storage accounts Copy files between two Google Storage accounts Share buckets and files located on Google Storage with other users Set up file access permissions (

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S3 BackupSystem 1.23: S3 BackupSystem- free backup of your valuable data online, to Amazon S3 servers

S3 BackupSystem 1.23

files and folders onto secure storage servers of Amazon, created specifically for industry-grade file storage. You can use S3 BackupSystem for either manual or automatic backup using built-in scheduling system. The program also provides extensive abilities to perform a restore of previously backed up files into original or user-defined folders. If you care about traffic, S3 BackupSystem offers bandwidth limiting option as well as compression of files

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Storage Profiler 4.11.2: View the Health of Your Entire Storage Network Through a Single Pane of Glass!

Storage Profiler 4.11.2

storage network. Or you could drop a bundle for more comprehensive data storage management software and then spend even more for the small army of consultants required for deployment. Storage Profiler is the only intuitive, web-based application that combines storage monitoring, reporting, alerting, and forecasting across the entire multi-vendor storage stack for DAS, NAS, and SAN systems. Storage Profiler unifies the view from all layers in the

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DocsToBox 1.2: DocsToBox is a tracking program for paper documents placed into storage.

DocsToBox 1.2

files is easy, as a data import wizard allows you to load Customer Names, Vendor Names, Employee Names, or any other list of names you normally use when labeling file folders. You can also assign each to types you create to help with selection when creating groups of file folders. DocsToBox also allows you to print labels in a wide variety of Avery style labels for both your file folders and your storage boxes. And you can customize what information

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Solid File System 4.5: SolFS is a single - file virtual file system located in one stream of data

Solid File System 4.5

Solid File System is a single - file virtual file system that uses one file on the media (such as hard drive, CD-ROM, database or file resource) for storing the data. It can be used to preserve integrity of application data, store metadata or keep revisions of the information streams. Solid File System supports journalling, multiple streams per file, unlimited storage file size, file and storage metadata, encryption, compression, symbolic links.

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Acritum Femitter HTTP-FTP Server 1.042: Share files easily using simple HTTP and FTP servers on your Windows-based PCs!

Acritum Femitter HTTP-FTP Server 1.042

file storage of your photo, music, video and other files. The total size of the storage is only limited by the size of your hard drive and this is often not less than 160 gigabytes! Your files may be accessible from the net not only using the HTTP protocol, but also using the FTP protocol, which ensures downloads are really fast and easy for your friends. 3. As a password protected storage of corporate information for small businesses. The access

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CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network

CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix

Storage Delivery Network. CloudBerry Explorer makes managing files on Nirvanix Storage EASY. By providing a user interface to Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network CloudBerry lets you manage your files on Azure just as you would on local computer. The Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN) is a fully-managed, highly secure cloud storage service developed for today`s enterprises. The SDN intelligently stores, delivers and processes storage requests in

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CloudBerry Explorer for Azure CloudBerry Explorer for Windows Azure Blob Storage

CloudBerry Explorer for Azure

Storage accounts Work with any number of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage accounts simultaneously Create, browse, and delete Microsoft Azure Blob Storage files Create, browse, and delete folders Copy and move files between Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and your local computer View files properties Copy/Move in background Copy files from Windows Explorer Remember user settings Built-in feedback form Automated check for updates System Requirements: Windows

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Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook A powerful tool for Outlook data recovery and OST/PST storage file conversion

Inbox Repair Tool for Outlook

storage files and converting OST files to the PST format of the necessary version. The software supports Outlook storage files of any size (including files over 4 GB in size) and features a very clean and straightforward interface that won`t let you make any irreversible mistakes. The damaged source files remain unmodified, so you can always resort to other recovery methods if the program fails to restore your data. Apart from recovering data from

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